I'm not asking everyone just to donate enough to me until it adds up to a million dollars. There's lots of ways to get involved in this project, as listed below.

Please note that I only accept payment for items through PayPal, though you can buy Swag through Cafe Press by using your credit card, and you can send cheques, money orders or anything else to my snail mail address (which you can find on the contact page.

Swag Shop

Buy swag! A great logo and pithy sayings on things that look good. AND NOW SHIRTS COME IN BLACK! Ohhh yes.


If you want to, you can contribute money to this project and the documentary and say you had a part in making it all happen.


This site has received nearly half a million hits in less than four months of existence, and new viewers are coming every day. Would you like Astrid to endorse your product or service? There's a bunch of ways to do it. Click here to find out.


A page listing the fantastic corporate sponsors of My Million Dollar Year.


Buy a one-of-a-kind, limited number of artifacts from My Million Dollar Year! You can find items like original unedited DV tapes, original bank and credit card statements, and losing lottery tickets for sale here.

Buy Other Stuff!

Artifacts that aren't necessarily the only ones in existence, but are personalized to you. Talk to Astrid on the phone! Get a postcard from her on the road trip! Buy copies of the hate mail!

Request an Artifact!

Don't see an artifact that you want? Really want to get your hands on something else? Go here and ask me for whatever you want, I'll probably sell it to you.

Help That Doesn't Involve Money

No money? No worries! Get involved in this project by putting banners on your website, LiveJournal or blog, get on the mailing list, and tell your friends about this site!