Since everyone seems overly interested, I'm going to start posting some of the love and hate mail I get. I tend to get a lot more supportive mail than hate mail (a ratio of 7:1 love to hate the last time I checked), but I'm going to post equal parts love and hate here in the interest of a balanced perspective. If you want to read any of the hate mail in full, feel free to go buy a copy.

They Love Me!

"I just finished reading the article in the Star on you today and was quite intrigued with your idea and the execution of said idea as an expression of co-operative art. I think it\'s quite unfair that people living their lives and trying to better themselves through post secondary education are often subjected to massive debts they have no hope of eliminating, and This is a truly kick ass way of dealing with it. Later today I will most likely drop a donation your way in hopes to assist you in eleviating your burden. We need more artists such as yourself in this city to grab the attention of people such as myself. Keep on rockin..."

"I know your predicament. I graduated with a student debt of 42K, got a great starting job which I got burnt out after a year and a bit ... my thoughts are with you. As I'm in a similiar situation as you, I can only offer you friendship and knowledge, rather than money. If I should happen to come across any large sum, I'll be sure to share it. You have my word on that."

"As a 19 year old male living in Bush's America, I've developed quite an interest in changing the world. If you pull this off, it will be the proof I need that anything I really set my mind to is possible."

"I want to commend you on your creativity and zeal!! Whether or not this website is a smashing success "financially", I already think you're a success, just for taking the initiative to live out a dream that you have! Congratulations!"

"Hey I read your article in the star, or rather the article they did on you. Good for you. I think it's hilarious and pretty creative, and you also get to make money while you do it.

I would like to add that I think selling the hatemail package is hysterically funny, I hope you make a million off of that alone. It would serve people right for being personally insulted by what you're doing."

"I just want to say I really admire your ambition. I would never even dream up of something like this. "

They Hate Me!

"I read your article in the Toronto Star. Get A life!!!!! We are all in debt. Go Work for minimum wage. Do something. Drive a taxi, work at Wal-Mart, pump gas, McDonalds is waiting. There are so many options. I would never donate or buy something (a product) because someone else is trying to make money."

"im just wondering.....DO YOU HAVE A JOB? As you know you are not the only one in debt. Look at my position, I'm 29, with three kids. Ok, you can say well hey, keep your shit in your pants your gilfriend's legs crosed, but hey life is life! I have three kids with the same woman so that's a plus, and we are married, we also own our own home, and we are both in debt. So instead of writting about how you had to live without heat for 3 years, why don't you use that art degree for some good cause, like getting a job!

honestly i don't really care that you are flaunting your pathetic lifestyle over the net, i find it pretty funny, shit i might do it myself aswell, but atleast i can say that i support my family and myself, and im not going to whine and cry about being in debt, or for that matter have people donate to my pathetic lifestyle. Just the fact alone that your site has the word milliondollar in it is a bit fake and obtuse. Then again, perhaps the people who are actually donating, which doesn't look like much anyways, are the ones obtuse, because they are actually falling for this crap."

"You have got to be kidding right? YOU chose to go to school, YOU chose to have a website, YOU made all of YOUR choices!! Now YOU expect US to pay for it! I always thought that you OCAD Grads were a looney bunch! Thanks for confirming...

You know what sweeite? Everyone was right.... no one will EVER accept you in the mainstream. Get an alarm clock, wake up early and get a life. Performance art is for societal rejects.

I hope that that is not your Condo building at King St. W. and Sudbury Street in the background of the picture on your main page. If it is, I will publicly denounce you as a lazy, fat assed fraud."

"You obviously are quite the spoiled brat! Your parents must be so proud of that nice expensive education which you seem intent on completely wasting. The only thing more upsetting is that there are apparently some people who are stupid enough to actually give you money. Why don't you just go beg on a street corner? All in all you are one pathetic loser."

"you're a greedy bitch."

They're Freaks!

"i saw the article in the toronto star on you and im interested in buying your used not washed panties,nylons,smelly socks,bras. do you have a deodourant stick that is half used for sale or a toothbrush?im also interested in any used shoes or boots that you have.can you get back to me with a price list for any or all of theses items?"

Snail Mail

What I'd really like to do with this section is feature the best of the actual, physical mail I get at this project's snail mail address. In case you've forgotten, it's ...

P.O. Box 90072
1488 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M6K 3K3